We are excited to be affliated with Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth

UpdatedWednesday January 20, 2016 byMadeira Beach Baseball Softball.

There is some misinformation being disseminated or incorrect assumptions being made. 

The Gulf Beaches name may have changed to Madeira Beach Youth Baseball and Softball, but we as a league have never been stronger!!      

Gulf Beaches Little League has not folded in the that sense we will not offer tee ball, baseball or softball.  We have simply chartered our organization with Babe Ruth League.

A few have responded asking "what does this means to the children's baseball and softball playing possibilities?" 

The short answer is nothing significant changes.

We still play at our NEW waterfront Madeira Beach fields.  We still field the same softball and baseball teams.  We are also hosting tee ball program with an expected total team count triple to what we had last spring.

The only changes are the leagues we will play against that are still local, we have greater flexibility with scheduling and some minor rule enhancements for the Majors and 13 and older divisions.
The City of Madeira Beach is now also part of our league providing significant logistical and financial backing to help us improve the experience.  However, the league is still powered by volunteers and a 100% volunteer Board of Directors. 

Another question commonly asked pertains to travel ball or competitive teams.  Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken is NOT a league for travel ball teams.  It is incredibly similar to Little League.  

Additionally, no waivers are required to play with us.  The little league boundaries, designating who can play where, is the main reason we decided to make this name and affiliation change.   We will not require waivers for All Stars that MAY be approved.

To be crystal clear, any player in Pinellas County can play with us.  Friends from all over Pinellas County can play together in regular season and All Stars!! 

So yes, we will still play tee ball, softball and baseball.  We will still play at the fields.  We will still have the opportunities previously available via little league from divisional breakdowns. 
Please don't hesitate to reply to this email or call myself or Dan Griffin so we can clear up any questions you may have.

Registration is open.  Remember, tell your friends they can play with us at Madeira Beach!!